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Spam Information

Here is some information to help you reduce the amount of Spam you receive.

Use common sense: Here are some tricks on how not to get spam in the first place.

  • Refrain from giving your email address when using chat rooms and bulletin boards, where your email address can be seen easily by spammers. It is also a good idea to have one email address for business and another "disposable" address for public use.
  • If possible, use a complex email address with mixed characters to avert spammers trying to guess your email address. Spammers will spam entire domains, so the more obscure the email address, the better.
  • Watch out for deceptive unsubscribe and remove me links. Replying to spam will always result in you receiving more spam. No matter what the email says, do not reply, because then they will have your email address.
  • Before you sign up at any web site, find out what their privacy policy is, to make sure your email information will not be shared.

How to access your Spam Filter Settings:

  1. Click here to get to the spam filter.
  2. Log in with your username and password. Your username is your email address without the '' part.
  3. Select your Spam Filter Level and the Filter Method (Tag or Delete), then click Set Level.
You may choose to set your spam filter to use 'spam tagging'. Then, messages arrive at your inbox even if they are spam -- but our filter adds an extra header to the email. In this way, you can filter out spam locally(at your computer) before deleting it. The instructions below will show you how.

Filtering Spam: Here are instructions on how to filter spam for various programs using our Spam Tagging method.. Click on each program to get the instructions, or 'right-click' and download the instructions to your computer.

Outlook Express cannot filter mail using headers. If you want to filter out messages using our new Spam Tagging method, you will need to use another email client below.

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