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Applications Setup

Here are instructions for setting some popular Internet email applications for use with Texas.Net.

If you wish to use any of this software, but do not have it installed on your computer, you can download it using the Texas.Net Software Page.

Email Programs


ThunderBird is a free email client from Mozilla. It is a full featured email client, and it includes support for the tagging option of the Texas.Net Spam Filter.

ThunderBird also has a unique 'Adaptive Spam Filter' that allows you to specify examples of what you consider to be spam.

Netscape Mail and News 7.x

The Netscape web browser includes this email client. This version of the Netscape mail program supports the tagging option of the Texas.Net Spam Filter.

Microsoft Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook Express is included with the Internet Explorer web browser, and is usually installed on most new computers.

Outlook Express has only limited support or handling spam email, allowing you to block email only by sender. Outlook Express does not include support for the Spam Filter tagging option.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is usually part of the Microsoft Office software, and should not be confused with Outlook Express.

Eudora Light

Eudora is a full featured email program, with many useful features including support for multiple email accounts and filters to eliminate unwanted email spam. The software is distributed in several forms. There is a limited version, available free.

News Readers

General Settings

If you are a customer, you have access to our news server. There are various clients to do this, and they all revolve around the same basic settings. This document includes the basic settings you will need.

Legacy Software

Texas.Net is unable to offer support for older software.

If you use an older version of a program, or one that is not in widespread use, you will need to find an alternate means of receiving support. In these cases, we can only offer basic settings information and the most general suggestions.

Netscape Messenger 4.x

There are several known issues with this software. We provide a brief explanation, and recommend you upgrade to a newer, better version of the program.

If you wish to contact our Technical Support department, you can use the online Support Form or look in our Contact Info section for phone numbers in your area.

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