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Lonestar (English) Legal Disclaimer

Lonestar is here for you, the customer (if you're not a customer, you can still look at it). Have fun with it, because that's what it's here for. Please make sure to follow the rules. Don't take our images or software and try to pass it off as your own. It won't work. People will look at 'Lonestar - Main Page' and realize that you're not really the Lonestar. By looking at this site, you agree to everything we've got for you below.

Rules For Using Lonestar

  1. Everything on this web site belongs to us. Don't take anything unless you okay it with us first. We're not likely to do this, either, so unless it's for something really special, we wouldn't really recommend asking.

  2. This web site has some pretty technical information on it, but there's no guarantee that it's up-to-date. We do our best to make sure that it is, but sometimes, mistakes happen, so for the latest information, it's best to drop a line to our Technical Support staff. Also, in the off chance that something on this site causes a problem with your computer ('Fatal Error: Something went wrong' or something like that), we aren't responsible for it. Most likely, you need to fix something on your computer (especially if it happens elsewhere), and if you're a Texas.Net customer, we can probably help you with that.

  3. Unless we say on our page somewhere that the information you send is secure, consider everything to be insecure and open to stealing by anyone with the time and energy.

  4. We link to a bunch of sites (mainly from our Links section). We don't run these sites. If something in them bothers you, send a message to their hepdesk, not ours. We can't change their sites anymore than they can change ours.

  5. This page, like all pages on the Internet, changes. If it changes, you still must abide by the changes, even if you haven't read them.
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