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Texas.Net Helpdesk

Here are basic setup instructions that can assist you in getting connected to Texas.Net, and configuring your software to read mail and news.

If you need futher assistance you can contact our Technical Support department using our online Help Ticket form or check our Contact Info section for the phone number in your area.

General Settings

These are common server, login name, and port settings that can be used in your mail, news, and web programs. If you need the dial-in number, we have them all listed on our Contact Info page.

Setup Instructions

Here are instructions for setting up your computer to connect to Texas.Net, for the most common operating systems.

If you are not certain which version of Windows is on your computer:

  • Click with the right mouse button on the 'My Computer' icon
  • Select properties
  • The operating system will be listed on the 'General' tab

Internet Software

Here you can download popular internet software, absolutely free. We have included setup instructions, so you can be browsing the net and using email in a matter of minutes.

Email Setup

These are the setup instructions for the most popular email programs in use today, including Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape Messenger, and Eudora.

Usenet News Setup

All Texas.Net accounts include a free account with Giganews. Here are general instructions on setting a news reading program, so in a matter of a few minutes you can be enjoying this premiere Usenet news service.

Web Page Setup

The web is the reason most new users want to get on the Internet. Find out how to set up your own personal web page and learn about some of the features that are available for Texas.Net customers.

Modem Help

Here are some references to assist you in getting the best performance possible from your modem and your Texas.Net connection. Included are links to information and upgrades for several popular modem brands.

If you can't find the answers you're looking for here or you have a suggestion for something that needs to be added to this documentation, please feel free to send a message to our Technical Support staff.

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