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Texas.Net Helpdesk - Macintosh

Here you'll find all of the information and instructions you need for setting up your Macintosh for use with the Internet. Texas.Net recommends that you use Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9 if you will be using the Internet. However, instructions are included below for older Macintosh operating systems. Texas.Net can provide limited support for later versions of Mac OS 7. For further assistance you may contact Texas.Net's Technical Support staff.

Mac OS X Setup

Internet installation on MacOS X includes all the necessary software ready to connect you to the internet and email. Setting up OS X to dial out is quick and easy. Click on the above link to be guided through the process.

Mac OS 8.x and Mac OS 9.x Setup

Internet installation on MacOS 8 and MacOS 9 includes all all the software necessary to connect to the Internet, browse the web, and use e-mail. Setting up your connection to Texas.Net is quick and easy, using the Internet Connection Assistant.

For additional Macintosh assistance, check out Apple's web site. Here you can find the latest system updates, networking updates, and new technologies. Additional Macintosh links can be found on our Links page.

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