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Modem Updates and Links

If you would like to experience better performance from your internet connection, the manufacturer of your modem may have information or updates that might help. Texas.Net uses the new v.92 standard on all our dialin ports. If your modem will support it, upgrading to v.90 or v.92 will probably give you the best possible performance from your modem.

Many modem manufacturers have upgrades available, to the most recent version of the drivers for your modem. The list below may assist you in finding information and v.90/v.92 updates for several of the more common modem brands and models.

Home Page Updates Information
Best Data - PC v.90    
Best Data - Mac v.90    
Boca Research v.90 KFlex manual
Compaq Computer v.90 drivers info  
Dell Comuter v.90    
Global Village v.92 FAQ tips
Lucent Technologies v.90 FAQ info
Motorola v.90 FAQ  
US Robotics v.92 info
Zoltrix v.90   info
Zoom Telephonics v.92 info manual

If you have any information that you feel would be helpful for this page, feel free to send an e-mail to We will make sure that helpful and appropriate information gets where it belongs.

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