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Texas.Net Helpdesk - Other

Note: Do not e-mail or phone technical support with questions regarding these documents. We cannot assist customers with these configurations.

These documents are provided as-is by Texas.Net's technical support staff. We cannot provide online or phone support for this information. These operating systems are either untested by Texas.Net and therefore, we don't have the necessary experience with them or they are obsolete. However, these documents are written from individual experiences and should work in most cases.

Windows 3.x
Windows 3.x is one of the toughest platforms to set up for Texas.Net. It wasn't made to be network-friendly, but with a good winsock and dialer, properly configured, you should be able to connect in a short time.

Windows NT 3.51
These are the instructions on setting up Windows NT 3.51 Workstation to dial-up into Texas.Net. It makes use of Windows NT's Remote Access Server function, but requires some extra tooling of the information.

These instructions will assist you in setting up pppd to dial-up and connect to Texas.Net. Note that dip connections will not work since Texas.Net supports PPP connections only.

If you have any information that you feel would be helpful for this page or have setup information for another operating system, feel free to send an e-mail to Helpdesk. We will make sure that helpful and appropriate information gets where it belongs.

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