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Texas.Net's dialup accounts come with 200 MB of webspace for your web site. This is your chance to show the Internet what you are all about. Because of the sheer numbers of Texas.Net web sites and the differences in publishing methods, authoring styles, and specific programs, Texas.Net does not offer technical support on web page creation or the programs that can be used to make them. However, these Helpdesk pages should be enough to help you get your web page up and working properly. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a line, although a response is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in having Texas.Net develop your commercial web site, you can contact our sales representatives by phone or by email.

Web Page Setup
This document will take you through the process of setting up your web site, as well as give basic pointers on how to first get started. This page also covers how to update your web page, including some basic problems that may arise when you first start.

Web Page Counters
Here you can find out how to implement a counter on your web page as well as get a listing of all the various counter functions. The counter function is available to all Texas.Net customers. This page may take some time to load due to all the images present on this page.

Web Form Mailer
These instructions will help you set up your web page to allow you to elicit feedback from people who visit it. Using the web mailer script, you can create a form that when filled out and submitted, will give you any information that you choose right from your web page.

Server-Side Includes
Create semi-dynamic web pages using features built into our web server. This document will outline basic uses of SSIs and point you in the direction of additional information resources on the web.

RealAudio HTTP Streaming
This white page outlines how you can setup files on our server to allow Internet users to use RealAudio playbacks from our server. It uses HTTP streaming, not a RealAudio server, so there's no complicated server setup for your to go through, just upload a couple of files and you can be listening to tunes from your web page.

FrontPage Extensions
This document explains our current position on MS FrontPage and its extensions. It also gives information concerning when and/or if we will support it in the future.

Web Page Listings
Add your web page to the Texas.Net customer listing if you like, using our Account Maintenance section. This will give other Texas.Net customers and people all over the world an opportunity to browse your web site without requiring you to distribute the URL. Your web page and e-mail address will appear on our Customer Pages listing.

Again, these pages are unsupported by Texas.Net. If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk.

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