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Adding Counters to Your Web Pages

To place a counter on your page, add the following line to your HTML code (NOTE: the counter line must be all on one line without any line breaks in it. Due to HTML formatting, some of the lines on this page appear to be split. Do not split your lines!):

<!--#include virtual="/exec/counter-cgi" -->

It is very important that you enter the line in your code exactly as it is displayed above. Take note of the case of all letters and the space before the -->.

Configurable Options

To use configurable options, separate individual options with a question mark (no spaces). Use the following syntax (do not break lines as they may appear below):

<!--#include virtual="/exec/counter-cgi?option=selection?option=selection" -->

Size, Color and Style
When specifying the size and color, use the individual letter and not the entire word.

Option Size Example
S Small
M Medium
L Large

Option Color Example
G Grey
W White
B Black
R Red
E Green
L Blue

Option Example

Custom Number Images

You use this to specify that you have your custom gifs stored in your /~mylogin/gifs/ directory with each image stored as counter1.gif, counter2.gif, counter3.gif, etc. Make sure you have all ten gifs for 0 through 9. This is an advanced configuration option that should only be used if you understand exactly what to do. You must have the %c.gif as part of the name. The counter will automatically replace the %c with the correct number.

Counter Type
With the CounterType option, you can specify a different type of counter other than the standard graphical counters. If you do not specify a counter type, your counter will default to the graphical one demonstrated at the end of this document.

Option Type Example
0 Text 0123456789
1 Odometer

Rainbow Color

With this option, you can stack up to twenty colors in a row and have them repeated over and over. For example, if you wanted red, white, and blue numbers (page count=3432, red 3, white 4, blue 3, red 2) then use RainbowColor=rwl.

Resetting Counters

When using the ResetTo option, just set the ? to whatever number you want your counter to be at and the page will reload the counter to that number. Once the page has been reloaded, remove the ResetTo option from your counter line or you will be stuck at that number. For example, ResetTo=0 would reset the counter to zero to become one the next time the page was refreshed.

The counter on this page uses the command

<!--#include virtual="/exec/counter-cgi?size=m?color=l" -->

Access Counter


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