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Getting Started

The World Wide Web is a vast collection of interconnected documents. These web pages (one of which you are looking at now) are connected to each other by hyperlinks. On this page, the five services listed above are really hyperlinks to those web pages. The first one is a beginner's guide to the 'Net. The second is the famous news network. The third is a search engine (covered below). The fourth is a company that publishes an informative Internet glossary of computer terms. The fifth is a comprehensive Internet news/links/software web site.

By following hyperlinks, you can reach new and exciting sites in an endless journey to places around the world. It is important to remember, however, that these sites reside on other computers in places that may not have the same interests, tastes or customs that you may have. Some may even be in different languages. While Texas.Net can control what is posted on these pages, we can't be responsible for what you find outside of the domain (pages that don't end in

Types of Web Pages

Web tutorials are pages that help you understand the WWW. Sometimes they cover basic things such as hyperlinks, web sites, and searches. Other times, they can even go so far as to help you write your own home page. Generally, they are easy to use, fun to read, and contain a wealth of imformation.

Search engines are huge databases of information available on the World Wide Web. Simply type a topic that interests you in the first box above, select a search engine, and you're ready to go! Different search engines provide different features and varying amounts of coverage, so it's easy to find a personal favorite.

Company web sites are the home pages of major companies. Some such as Netscape, Microsoft, and Apple specialize in computers and networking. Others, such as Saturn, Time, and Paramount are just pitching their services and products. Lonestar's sister site,, is a company web site.

Shareware sites are huge collections of free or semi-free software that you can download for your own use. Some specialize in certain operating systems; others contain software for all operating systems. This software is available for you to use, but Texas.Net can not give technical support for it. On the Internet, it is a 'use at your own risk' affair.

The Texas.Net staff, through the course of work, has come across many different sites which are either very popular or very useful for an Internet surfer. Collections of these links are available on this page, or in the subsections along the left under the "Links" button.
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