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id Software
id Software is the home of Quake, Quake II and other, obsolete (but still quite playable) games such as Doom. Check out their file archives, Clan lists, or new games.

Epic Megagames has released their latest game, Unreal, which challenges Quake II for the title of Best Game. Check out their web site for updates, screenshots, and news.

Blue's News
Blue's News is the source for 3D gaming news, covering everything from Doom updates to Quake to Quake II to Unreal to upcoming games like Duke Nukem Forever and Prey. If you need current information and you need it fast, Blue's is the place to be.

Activision makes such thrillers as Zork: Nemesis and Spycraft, but their greatest game is definitely Mechwarrior 2 and it's sequels.

Blizzard is the maker of one of the first games that popularized Kali play, Warcraft II. Battle as one of the Humans or the Orcs, or check out some of their other games, like Diablo.

Cyan made the enormously popular Myst. This game took the gaming world by storm with its excellent storyline and surreal computer-generated images. Now they're working on the sequel, Riven, taking the surreal experience even further.

Westwood Studios
Westwood makes the intense strategy game Command & Conquer and its prequel, Red Alert. Check out the new technologies coming out of this company.

LucasArts brings the Star Wars universe to your PC. Check out everything from Rebel Assault to TIE Fighter to Dark Forces. The new Jedi Knight will challenge Quake for top-engine honors.

The Texas.Net staff loves Quake (can't you tell?). Here, you can find anything and everything about this most-awesome of games. Software, tips, news, anything about Quake is here!

Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy keeps shareware versions of games, patches, even helpful tips, hints and codes. Almost all popular games are there and even some lesser known ones.

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