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Kids' Links

The Sega of America Home Page contains all the information about your favorite games, including information about new systems and new releases.

Virtual Science Museum
Take a look at the coolest science exhibits on the Web with this virtual museum of interesting experiments.

The California Museum of Photography's Web Page has an Interactive Gallery, Media Literacy Program and Lesson Plans for kids in grades K-12.

Unicycling Home Page
Everything you need to know about unicycling is listed here. Find out about games such as unicycling hockey and read the FAQ on the one-wheel machine.

Global Show and Tell
Show off your favorite projects and possessions and see what kids around the world have to talk about.

Volcano World
This site contains everything about volcanoes including images, a list of recent eruptions and even a Hawaiian Tour Guide.

The Snow Page
Everything from snowboarding to snowshoes is covered in this exhaustive collection of facts relating to the fluffy white stuff.

This page is a complete listing of museums, galleries and libraries that are online. It also has some other educational links.

Sea World
This site has information about the aquatic theme park and its major star, Shamu. It also contains an Animal Information Database, Teacher's Guide, and Virtual Classroom.

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