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Learn the Net .com
The Essential Internet Online. The first place that all new new internet users should check. This site covers everything from navigating the web to downloading files to learning HTML.

Ziff-Davis Network
This site contains almost all the Internet and computer information that you need in one nice, easy-to-use setting. Also check out their collection of online magazines including PC Magazine.

Yahoo! is a catalog of Internet web sites. Almost every area is covered by web pages, and Yahoo! makes it easy to find any information that you might need.

Netscape Netcenter
Netscape makes a lot of web-related software, including their Netscape Navigator. Check out their site for both Navigator and their helpful Internet links.

Microsoft is fast becoming an Internet powerhouse with their Internet Explorer and related software.

Disney's Family.Com
This Disney site is an excellent resource for information about parenting. It includes some "back to school" features as well as various topics concerning kids and their parents.

3Com owns US Robotics, which makes some of the best modems available (including the Total Control racks on our x2 lines). Learn about their modems and get Flash ROM updates here.

Library of Congress
Get information on the government, peruse the Library's vast collection of works, and learn a little history from the nation's largest collection of books.

United Media
This site contains many of the funniest comics, including Dilbert, Peanuts, and Rose is Rose. Also, check out their line of award-winning political cartoonists.

One of the largest indices of shareware programs for both Windows and Macintosh customers, this site contains a listing of almost all software available through FTP. It also includes a good search engine to find the program that you are looking for.

Sun Microsystems
Texas.Net uses powerful Sun workstations to power your connection to the 'Net. Check out what else this company has to offer in their well-done web page.

Entertainment Asylum
This site is great for information on everything concerning the Entertainment industry, specifically movies. They have a nice search utility to find movies playing in your area if you're in a quick movie seeing fix.

Find out everything you need to know about the Austin community. From movie schedules to sports events, from local news to major headlines, it's all here!

Austin CitySearch
Search for what you want in the local Austin area, including local businesses, community events, and online services.

KMOL is the one of the leading San Antonio news channels, and their online site gives you the latest news, weather and sports all without a television.

ESPN Sportszone
This site brings you the latest sports scores and statistics quickly and easily. About the only thing this site is missing is Dan Patrick and Chris Berman.

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