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Windows 98

Search Microsoft for Windows info about

Microsoft's Windows Area
Microsoft has an extensive page dedicated to Windows 95, 98 and NT. This site contains information about the operating systems, Service Packs and updates for Windows 95 and NT, and technical support information for Windows customers.

This site is known mainly for its extensive catalog of 32-bit Shareware. However, it also features TCP/IP networking tips and general information about its namesake operating systems as well.

The Cobb Group
The Cobb group provides helpful articles for all operating systems, but especially Windows. Have a look see around their site for tips, solutions, and advanced knowledge.

PC Magazine
PC Magazine is one of the foremost computer magazines on the market. Their coverage of and help for Windows 95 is very useful and their product reviews give you an idea of what you need and what you don't.

Internet Explorer Home Page
While Internet Explorer is available for other platforms, it was designed with Windows 95 in mind. Check out their latest release, 4.0, as well as their other Internet products.

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