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Billing Email Form

Please use the Billing Email Form, below, if you need assistance from one of our billing representatives, or if you need billing related information.

Answers to some more commonly asked questions can be found on this web site. You may need your username and password to access our Account Maintenance Area.

Many additional options are available for you to find answers, update information, and make changes to your Texas.Net service in our Account Maintenance section.

All the details of Texas.Net billing policies can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

If you need technical assistance, please use our Tech Support Email Form.

If you are interested in commercial services please visit http://www.texas.net or just Send Us an Email

Our billing representatives may also be contacted by direct email at billing@texas.net.

How can I view my current or past invoices?

You can find copies of your current invoice, as well as past invoices by going to the Invoice Section of our Account Maintenance site. You can see your current invoice and a listing of prior invoices. Just click on the invoice you wish to see.

Where do I mail my payment?

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 730396
Dallas, Texas 75373-0396
All payments as well as any other correspondence you send to Texas.Net should go to this address.

How can I change my payment method to credit card?

If you currently pay with a check and would like to start using a credit card, you may do so on the Personal Info section of our secure Account Maintenance site.

How do I pay with a different credit card?
How do I update the card expiration date?

You may also use the Personal Info section if you wish to change credit cards or update the expiration date of your credit card.

How can I change my billing period?

You can take advantage of our prepayment discounts by paying for Texas.Net service 6 months or a year in advance. If you prepay for a full year, you receive a 15% discount, and pay just $16.95 per month for your Lonestar account. You can change your payment period on the Account Info section of our secure Account Maintenance site.

At this page you may also change your address or phone number, or even upgrade to a different level of service.

How do I add an additional email account?

You may add, change, or delete extra email accounts by going to the Manage Mail section of our Account Maintenance site.

When can I talk to billing on the phone?

Billing phone hours are Monday-Friday 8:30AM-5:30PM.
Contact Phone numbers.

If we haven't answered your question, please submit the Billing Email Form.

Billing Email Form

Login Name (required)
E-mail Address (required)
Daytime Phone (include area code)
Evening Phone (include area code)
Mother's Maiden Name
Current Account Class
Current Payment Method

Billing Concern or Request
Tell us your billing concern or send us your request below.

Please do not send passwords using this form, nor use this form to submit cancellation requests.

Make certain that you have your e-mail address listed above, and if you're a Texas.Net customer, your login name or we will be unable to respond to your request!

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